Re-thinking Instagram’s User Experience

I really like Instagram. I’ve been using the app daily for years now, and I still can’t get enough. I’m also passionate about user experience design. Here are some of my ideas on how Instagram’s UX could be improved. Enjoy!

My Profile. View posts you’ve liked

I often view the posts I’ve liked. I show my friends pictures; I look for event posters and I browse through them when I have run out of things to do on my phone.

Currently Instagram allows users to view the posts you have liked by selecting the navigation drawer from the My Profile page and selecting Posts You’ve Liked.

I believe this feature is wasted hidden in the navigation drawer. I’d like to see a Like icon added between the List View icon and Photo Map icon on the My Profile page.

This small update brings the Posts You’ve Liked feature to the forefront and allows quick and easy access to the photos you’ve liked.

Instagram - Posts you've liked

All your activity in one place

Instagram currently displays what photos the people you’re following have liked and the activity on your photos on the Activity page.

Separate to this, is the Direct inbox where all likes and comments activity is shown for your sent and received messages.

Why can’t all your activity be in one place?

Clicking the Activity icon should show all of your activity. The posts the people you’re following like, the likes and comments on your posts and your direct posts.

Instagram - All your activity in one place

Thanks for reading.
Tom Connelly

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