About Tom Connelly

The Short

Hi, my name's Tom Connelly. I'm a 29-year-old professional with 7 years experience in digital project management. I do, what I do, because I love it. I have a passion all things digital and strive to producing quality projects that produce results.

In my spare time I like to produce electronic music, attend concerts, visit art galleries, and watch HBO series.

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The Long

Digital Mischief

In 2008 I founded Digital Mischief, a website development and hosting agency. Digital Mischief specialised in creating custom Wordpress websites and provided domain name and website hosting packages.


In 2010, I began studying a Master of Digital Media via The University of Newcastle's Gradschool as well as running Digital Mischief.

Site Suite

In 2012 I applied for a position as a front-end developer at Site Suite Australasia. In light of my previous experience managing projects at Digital Mischief, I was offered a job as an account manager. I worked with up to 30 clients at a time with whom I was the primary contact from the initial client meeting to the launch of the website. I managed a team of creative designers, front-end developers, and back-end developers to deliver on time projects to satisfied clients.


In June 2013, I left Site Suite to embark on a year-long trip across the world. I began my journey with my father and two brothers travelling across America on the famous Route 66. I met up with my girlfriend in LA and we travelled up the west coast of California to settle in Vancouver, Canada.

For six months I lived in Vancouver and worked odd jobs to cover the costs of living. In my spare time I worked on music production and developed and maintained personal website projects.

In February 2014, my girlfriend and I travelled for 5 months visiting London, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Germany, France and Hong Kong.

Tipping Point

In June 2014, I arrived back in Sydney and started work at Tipping Point as a project manager.